I got to put my questions to American heavyweight Malik Scott following his first round defeat to the unbeaten Deontay Wilder.

Scott headed into the fight with an impressive record of 36 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw as the underdog against a man creating a big reputation in terms of the heavy-hitting Deontay Wilder.

Anyway onto the questions:

Me: Hi Malik, firstly thanks once again for agreeing to answer my questions. Following you defeat to Deontay Wilder within a round some have suggested that you took a dive. How would you respond to such comments?

Malik: My response to that is, it was a very disappointing night for me but not because of the made up accusations that I took a dive but more disappointing because I lost a fight that I felt I could win. People that's saying I took a dive are clueless assholes and most of them wouldn't know the difference between a left hook or a fish hook. I got caught cold by a left hook dead on the temple by one of the most heavy handed fighters in the division. The punch knocked my equilibrium off and froze my nerves for a minute. This is boxing no better yet this is life and an unfortunate thing happen to me in the biggest fight of my life but I have to dust myself off and keep moving forward.

Me: From my perspective the left-hook landed cleanly but the follow-up right hand didn't land cleanly, can tell us what punch did the damage to try and clear up the confusion?

Malik: Well when I got counted out and they sat me down on the stool I wasn't aware about what I got hit with and when I asked joe what did I get hit with he thought it was the right hand only because the angle he was sitting from he couldn't see the left hook but once he told me to look up at the big screen it was clear that it was the left hook that did the damage.


Me: Some have questioned your mind-set going into the fight and suggested that you got hit and didn't want anymore, once more can you tell me how you react to such comments?

Malik: My mindset going into the fight was, it was my time and the game plan me and my trainer Joe Goossen came up with was going to work perfectly for the style of Deontay's.


Me: We all know that Wilder can hit hard but can you try and describe what it felt like to be hit hard by the Bronze Bomber and what was going through your mind whilst the referee was administering the count?

Malik: The kid is a naturally big puncher especially from long range.I knew that before the fight from us sharing the ring together in training camp in the past.I wish I had some excuses to give you guys but the truth is Deontay caught me a good shot and was the better man that night and I congratulate him and wish him the best on the rest of his journey to be champ.


Me: If you could get into the ring again what, if anything, would you do differently?

Malik: The fight was so short so that's a tough question but it's obvious the first time I stood stationary is when I got caught so i guess I would have continue to turn Deontay and not let him get the shot off from me stopping in a stationary position.


Me:How highly do you rate Wilder and how far do you think he will go in the sport?

Malik: I rate him high and I think he has came pretty far all ready and is going to go further.


Me: I know it is very early on after your defeat but what's next for you? Are there any potential fights that you would like to participate in?

Malik: What's next for me is moving forward getting back in the ring to put myself back in position..it's going to be hard but I'm going to do it.


Me: Do you think it will be difficult for you to get some top fights now as a result of the reaction to this loss?

Malik: Who knows man..the funniest things happen in boxing but I will never know if I don't move forward to find out so we will see


Me: And finally I would like to offer you the chance to say whatever you would like to all boxing fans and my readers.

Malik: I apologize to all my true fans for the disappointment of the lost but I will be back but for everybody else that is taking the fair and square victory from deontay and making up all these dive story fairy tails Accusations on me, you all can suck nuts.

Thanks again for giving up your time to answer my questions and all the best,




Malik Scott Q and A After Wilder Defeat