Mauricio Herrera Q and A


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I got to put my questions to 33 year old American light-welterweight boxer Mauricio Herrera.

Herrera is fresh from a highly impressive performance against the man many label as the best light-welterweight in the world Danny Garcia. Herrera came into the fight as a massive underdog and there was little hype surrounding the fight itself.

The main hype for the fight was that it was Danny Garcia's first fight in Puerto Rico. He is from Philadelphia but his parents are from Puerto Rico and he was keen to return to his roots and perform in front of the fans.

For many, myself included Herrera was on the wrong side of a close decision. I personally believe that Herrera did enough to edge the fight but that it was not a disgraceful decision to give the fight the other way.

Anyway onto the questions.


Me: Hi Mauricio, thanks again for agreeing to answer questions, how are you?

Mauricio: I'm doing good thanks for asking


Me: In terms of your fight with Garcia how well do you rate you performance?

Mauricio: I give my performance an 8 I know I can do better


Me: What do you have to say about the scorecards which gave Garcia the win?

Mauricio: Just that it's a sad decision. That it's another one of those decisions that's will get overshadowed by the next great fight


Me: What is it about your style that caused Garcia so many problems?

 Mauricio: I think that it's not your basic kind of boxing style. Not everything is by the book


Me: Do you believe that the reason that Garcia was given the win is because of boxing politics and because he is a bigger name than yourself?

Mauricio: Yes I think that happens a lot in boxing. It was too much on him to lose to a random guy like me


Me: Is there anything different that you would do if you had your shot again?

Mauricio: Yeah not have it Puerto Rico if it was up to me


Me: What's next for you? Have you got anyone lined up?

Mauricio: Nobody lined up but we plan on fighting in July and hope it's a big name that everyone would want to see


Me: Can I ask who your favourite boxer is and why?

Mauricio: I have a lot of favourite fighters but right now the first one that pops in my head is James Toney. Only because he has a lot to his game with slickness and wisdom



Me: Finally is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Mauricio: We appreciate the fans and they are one of the reasons that keep me going.


Thanks again, Sam