Curtis Woodhouse Achieves His Dream

Curtis Woodhouse can leave the ring with the knowledge that he has achieved his dream and fulfilled his promise to his dad.

Woodhouse the former professional footballer for the likes of Sheffield United and Birmingham who once commanded a fee of £1 million has well and truly proved the doubters wrong with a fantastic performance to claim the British Light-welterweight title.

Woodhouse aged 10 was told that he would never become a footballer and when he announced that he was to give up and football and become a boxer was laughed at. He was seen as a joke and nobody expected him to achieve anything in the ring.

Woodhouse entered the ring last night with a mixed record of 21 wins and 6 losses as a big underdog. Every time that he had stepped-up in opposition he had come up short and was expected to do so again against the difficult style of Darren Hamilton.

The fight itself was a showing of real determination from both men. Woodhouse brought in renowned trainer Adam Booth for this fight and a new more tactically astute Woodhouse was present.

Many expected Woodhouse to fly out of the blocks and really try to take the fight to Hamilton but Woodhouse was more tactical with his aggression. He looked to negate the tricky jab of Hamilton and work his way inside.

Both men had periods of success with non-stop action. The rounds were very hard to score with many rounds up for debate as to who did the better work. it was a case of which style you preferred as a judge, Hamilton's accuracy or Woodhouse's work-rate and desire.

Woodhouse was given the nod by the judges via a split decision on the scores of 116-115 and 116-114 for Woodhouse and 116-113 for Hamilton. The split decision is symbolic of just how close a fight this was. It was a highly competitive contest between two great professionals.

Woodhouse was absolutely elated following the judge's decision and showed just how much it had meant to him to become British Champion. The scenes were brilliant as Woodhouse, trainers Booth and Rodes and promoter Coldwell all hugged each other. Not often in this are such emotions shown for a British title win but this highlights that Woodhouse had achieved his dream.

During the post-match interview Woodhouse dedicated the win to his late father whom he promised he would win a British Title shortly before he died. Woodhouse naturally became emotional and as a man who has lost his father in the last few weeks myself and is determined to make him proud, Woodhouse has provided great inspiration to me.

Woodhouse confirmed that this would be his last fight and that there was nothing that he could do to trump this in the sport. It was so nice to see a man so proud to have gained a British Title and realising that he has achieved what he set out to and call it a day. He will retire a champion and no-one can ever take that away from him.

Another remarkable factor to this victory was the all-but confirmed rumour of a bet Woodhouse made before he had his first fight. Woodhouse placed a £5,000 bet at 50-1 that he would become a British Champion one day. That is an incredible £250,000 to be collected but this victory was about so much more than money.

Curtis Woodhouse can walk head held high with proud after yet again proving all the doubters wrong and achieving his dream. Well done Mr Woodhouse you have more than honoured the memory of your father and I thank you as an inspiration!

The fight itself 


Interview after the fight